Credits: "Blue Diamonds" by John Roderick & The Long Winters

John Roderick

There are a ton of people to thank for helping make our disturbingly-no-budget show happen. I’ll be singling them out for thanks/blame on the site here over the next few weeks, because a rolling line in the credits really doesn’t do them justice.

First up, today, is the man behind “Blue Diamonds,” the song you hear during our show’s opening and closing credits. That’s John Roderick and his band, The Long Winters.

John Roderick is a rock and roll raconteur who you will be hearing a lot from on our show. He’s one of my best pals, and, although I’d never tell him so, he’s also one of the finest songwriters of his generation.

“Blue Diamonds” is the lead-off track on the second Long Winters album, 2003’s When I Pretend to Fall, which is available for purchase from the best record label in the world, Seattle’s peerless Barsuk Records.

WIPTF is fantastic from beginning to end, but I’ve always thought that the opening Rhodes piano vamp from “Blue Diamonds” wanted to be a theme song for something. I can’t believe I got the good fortune to have Hotrod let me use it for The Merlin Show.

Like I say, John will be doing lots of stuff with the show (whether he likes it or not), but in the mean time, grab some MP3s of the band (including, of course, “Blue Diamonds”), and have a look at the wonderfully creepy video for the song.


Interview with John Roderick

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