013: Interview: Chris Wetherell, Part 2

Merlin talks with Google’s Chris Wetherell about working from the road, the surprisingly modest stakes of touring, opportunity costs, and failing utterly at email.

Note: This is the second segment of a 2-part interview with Chris; don’t miss part one  read more »

012: Interview: John Roderick

Merlin talks with John Roderick, the singer and songwriter behind “The Long Winters” (and the man behind The Merlin Show’s theme song, “Blue Diamonds”). John curses at on-set hippies, wonders about making money on the web, and demands that indie rockers learn to behave more like building contractors. Roffle, roffle, roffle. (Contains PG-13 language, ribald exchanges, and frank discussion of show business [“it’s not ‘show friend…’”])

Note: This is the first segment of our 4-part interview with John Roderick; don’t miss part two, part three, and part four.  read more »

011: Interview: Peter Hughes

In today’s episode, Merlin talks with Peter Hughes of The Mountain Goats about the logistics of wired touring, keeping a tour diary on LiveJournal, and why The Mountain Goats don’t have a MySpace page.  read more »

010: Interview: John Vanderslice, Part 2

Merlin talks with San Francisco indie rocker John Vanderslice about giving up on a large volume of email, meeting the people you admire, and having no patience for people who act like rock stars. (FYI: Contains PG-13 language)

Note: This is the second segment of a 3-part interview with JV; don’t miss part one and part three  read more »

009: Interview: Jeffrey Veen, Part 2

Merlin talks with Google’s Jeffrey Veen about making the best of meetings (and the time around them), lofi capture, and the beauty of simple tools. We also learn how Jeff has learned to use his commute for firewalled time.

Note: This is the second segment of a 2-part interview with Jeffrey; don’t miss part one  read more »

008: HOWTO: Quicksilver: Application Menus

Learn how to access drop-down menus in every application via Quicksilver.

(Hint: As a Mac OS X screen demo, this is an episode you may prefer to watch at high-resolution)  read more »

007: Interview: Jonathan Coulton, Part 2

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Merlin talks with singer and songwriter Jonathan Coulton about becoming a role model for his daughter, juggling roles at home, and occupying a coffee shop as a satellite office. Be there for the Oprah-like moment where Jonathan breaks down and admits his email system is not working.

Note: This is the second segment of a 2-part interview with Jonathan; don’t miss part one  read more »

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