018: Interview: John Roderick, Part 4

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In the final episode of Merlin’s talk with John Roderick, Hotrod explains the difficulties of getting good at guitar, the perils of self-producing a record, and Ken Stringfellow’s habit of punching-in vocals, three words at a time.

Pick quote: “The Wrens made a whole career out of an ADAT and a 12-pack.”

Note: This is the final segment of a our epic 4-part interview with John Roderick; don’t miss part one, part two and part three.

More of The Long Winters on Video

Preview of Through with Love Long Winters movie

Dorsiafilms is making a documentary about The Long Winters called Through with Love. This ten-minute preview/trailer includes some excellent “spoodely spoodely” guitar work by John Roderick, starting around 05:37.

Video for “Fire Island, AK”

Video for a song from the latest Long Winters record, When I Pretend to Fall. Also, this is the song you hear over our credits for The Merlin Show.

Video for “Blue Diamonds”

Video for a song from the second Long Winters record, Putting the Days to Bed.

“Pushover,” Live @ Easy Street Records