006: HOWTO: Quicksilver: The Comma Trick

Learn how to create a temporary stack in Quicksilver, so you can do stuff to (or with) a big pile of objects all at one time.

(Hint: As a Mac OS X screen demo, this is an episode you may prefer to watch at high-resolution)  read more »

005: Interview: Chris Wetherell

Merlin talks with Google’s Chris Wetherell about email overwhelm, embracing mediocrity, and coding features for Google apps while on tour with his bands, “Dealership” and “Citizens Here and Abroad.”

Note: This is the first segment of a 2-part interview with Chris; don’t miss part two  read more »

004: Interview: John Vanderslice

Merlin talks with San Francisco indie rocker John Vanderslice about life as an independent musician — the siren song of advance money, the ascendance of the MP3 blog, and how to try and craft a long career in the face of “sleazy merchants.” (Note: Contains PG-13 language)

Note: This is the first segment of a 3-part interview with JV; don’t miss part two and part three  read more »

003: Interview: Jeffrey Veen

Merlin talks with Google’s Jeffrey Veen about working with teams, workplace culture, and how to get things done with an engineering notebook (and without a phone).  read more »

002: Interview: Jonathan Coulton

Download video: MP4 format

Merlin talks with singer, songwriter, new father, and former code monkey, Jonathan Coulton about life as an independent internet troubadour.

Note: This is the first segment of a 2-part interview with Jonathan; don’t miss part two  read more »

001: Hello.

Merlin says, “Hello,” and welcomes you to his new show.

000: Teaser

Thirty theoretically productive frames per second; a very short “teaser” clip to announce our show.

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