About The Merlin Show

The Merlin Show is a (more or less weekly) video podcast featuring Merlin Mann, and produced by Merlin and his very talented friend, Ben Durbin, in association with Pixel Corps.

Calling The Merlin Show a “video podcast” is a fancy way to say it’s kind of like a short TV show you can watch over the internet, on a portable device (like your video iPod), or — if you have something like the Apple TV — you can enjoy the show right on your own regular television (more on Apple TV subscription here).

So, what’s the show about?

Excellent question.

The best answer is to watch a recent episode. The player below will let you see the latest stuff we done as well as letting you browse through older episodes (hit “Guide”)

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The Merlin Show
by Merlin Mann and Ben Durbin

Art Direction
David Gray
of xplane

Theme Music
Blue Diamonds
Written by John Roderick
Performed by “The Long Winters
from the CD When I Pretend to Fall, available on Barsuk Records
(see: Credits: “Blue Diamonds” by John Roderick & The Long Winters)

Alex Lindsay
Kenji Kato
Greg Martin
Nikki Saindon

Produced in Association with
Pixel Corps